Competence in plastics has a name: K4plus

K4plus is a leading pan-Germany alliance made up of four major technical traders and processors of plastics: ARTHUR KRÜGER, Kahmann & Ellerbrock, REIFF Technische Produkte, and Sahlberg.

The common goal: K4plus is seeking suppliers to deliver to the whole group.

  • K4plus delivers to over 10,000 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • K4plus has a purchasing volume of over 5,000 tonnes of plastics annually
  • The warehouse capacity lies above 600 tonnes of plastics
  • K4plus has set itself the goal of increasing its purchasing quantities so that it can expand its range whilst at the same time increasing product availability.
  • K4plus is looking for manufacturers of PMMA, PC/PECT, PA/POM/PET, PE/PP, PVC, PEEK, PTFE, PVDF, HGW/HP, PUR

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