Competence in plastics has a name: K4plus

K4plus is a leading pan-Germany alliance made up of four major technical traders and processors of plastics: ARTHUR KRÜGER, Kahmann & Ellerbrock, REIFF Technische Produkte, and Sahlberg.

The common goal: K4plus is seeking suppliers to deliver to the whole group.

K4plus delivers to over 10,000 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

K4plus has set itself the goal of increasing its purchasing quantities so that it can expand its range whilst at the same time increasing product availability.

K4plus has a purchasing volume of over 5,000 tonnes of plastics annually

K4plus is looking for manufacturers of PMMA, PC/PECT, PA/POM/PET, PE/PP, PVC, PEEK, PTFE, PVDF, HGW/HP, PUR

The warehouse capacity lies above 600 tonnes of plastics