Ertalyte® – the all-rounder among the semi-finished made of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester Unique polymer material for mechanical engineering and the food industry

Ertalyte® is the precision champion among the polymer materials and can replace the material POM. Ertalyte® can also be supplied as „Food grade“ by the manufacturer, Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products and thereby complies with the EU regulation 10/2011. Traceability through the entire value-creation chain can be made without problem, a declaration of conformity confirms that it is safe for contact with food.

What advantages does Ertalyte® have?
Ertalyte® is a polymer material which has excellent creep resistance, high mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness. The excellent wear resistance is comparable with, and in some cases better, than nylon materials; acid resistance is even better than nylon or polyacetal materials. Ertalyte® has a low and constant coefficient of friction, medium impact resistance and excellent stain resistance. in addition, Ertalyte® is more dimensionally stable than polyacetal, has good electrical insulation properties and is very resistant against high-energy radiation e.g. gamma or X-radiation. The material is also suitable for contact with food and belongs to the „Food grade“ range of products from Quadrant, the manufacturer.

When is Ertalyte® used?
Ertalyte’s® uses range from heavily-loaded components – e.g. sockets, thrust washers or guides – to dimensionally stable parts for precision machines – e.g. slide rails, gears, rollers or pump parts – up to insulators in electronic applications.

In the food industry, Ertalyte®  is used for knife holders in cutting machines, as shaping plates for burgers and cookies, or as a dough divider, as examples. Ertalyte® is also used in mechanical engineering: It is used, for example, as a joint lever for tram brakes, for pistons in water desalination plants and for plain bearings in telescopic cranes.

What types of Ertalyte® are there?
There are two different types of Ertalyte®, both are available as „Food grade“:

Ertalyte® is a semi-crystalline PET-based material which, thanks to its specific properties, is also suitable for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts which are subjected to high loads and exposed to wear. It is available in the colours natural (white) and black.

Ertalyte® TX is a further development to the PET-based material which contains uniformly distributed particles of a solid lubricant in it. Thanks to its special composition, Ertalyte® TX is a first class, self-lubricating bearing material. This material gives excellent wear resistance and, in comparison with Ertalyte®, has an even lower coefficient of friction as well as a higher dynamic load capacity.

Ertalyte® TX is available in light grey.

Ertalyte® is a registered trademark of the Quadrant Group.