Custom Cast: Plastic parts as individual as our customers

Plastic parts as individual as our customers – The Custom Cast process allows us to create individual parts at low cost.

Be it guide rails for a ski lift, hose protection ramps for fire engines or support plates: Customers of the technical trade often require highly individual parts. In many industries, the use of plastic parts in place of metal or stainless steel parts is possible. These should be durable and stable on the one hand, on the other hand, the price-performance ratio is of great importance. K4plus partners are now able to offer parts through its Custom Cast process which are economical even for small and medium production runs.

What is the Custom Cast process?

The Custom Cast process is a production method where the plastic is cast, not injection moulded or pressed. Thanks to Custom Cast, it is possible to produce highly individual parts from polyamide with a weight of up to 1.5 tonnes in an economical way.

The focus is initially on the customer’s wishes: Size, shape, colour and weight are determined by the customer. Here not just nearly end-shape semi-finished products can be cast, but also finished shaped parts.

The process has low tool costs associated with it and minimises, above all, the raw material usage so that material, and therefore money, can be saved. This saving in terms of material used is also good for the environment at the same time. In addition, customers benefit from the lower processing effort which results in shorter production times.

The Custom Cast process is the ideal solution for moderately large parts for the industrial and construction sectors, it can also be economical for small production runs.

Advantages of Custom Cast compared to machined semi-finished products and injection moulding

Compared to machined semi-finished products, the material saving with Custom Cast is up to 40 percent, in addition, the costly processing is completely or, depending on the project, significantly reduced. Special parts are also possible in Custom Cast.
Compared to injection moulding, the Custom Cast process permits large piece weights of up to 1,500 kg per piece and makes variations in the wall thickness possible. Added to this, the tool costs are lower.

Quality assurance

Quality and comprehensive service make K4plus stand out. For this reason, before delivery extensive material testing is performed from ultrasound through dimensional checking to testing of mechanical properties.